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Welcome to American Plumbing and Septic Service, the company that can give you the best residential, commercial and industrial services when you need. The main difference between others and our company is that we have a special approach for every customer apart and we are always happy to assist you. All your septic repair needs can be covered by our great specialists and we're the plumbers of selection in Anniston Alabama and Oxford Alabama regions.

Among the main reason why do many people pick plumbing services and our septic is represented by our professional equipment as well as the capability to cope with any type of problem. Our residential as well as commercial services include: drain cleaning, high pressure jetting, pipes, video review and finding, grading and leach lines, replacement and repairs, grease interceptors, flow detection, residential buildings, water heaters, grease traps, outflows, video conduit and line scrutinizing, water systems and other. Call us today we guarantee you will be totally satisfied and if you need to make the most of a number of the services mentioned above. What's more, you'll take advantage of very affordable prices and we even have lots of interesting promotions and deals for you, so wait no more and check out our site where it's possible to find all the promotions that are active.
Would you want to take advantage of the fastest and the most reliable plumbing and septic services? Then call us today and tell US what we can help you with and which is your address, our professional team will take good care of the rest. There's no need to waste lots of money on plumbers with no expertise and with a very inferior gear, when you can enjoy the very best services to the economical cost. And lets not forget about the deals and promotions which can be found on our web site. For if there is something else or any type of information we can assist you with, call us or compose a message.
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